Home Insurance


Our comprehensive line of Home, Landlord, renters, and condo insurance products guarantees that we will find the perfect fit for your individual insurance needs.  Ask me how I can help provide you with the best industry leading coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

Why do I Need Home Insurance?

For most people, buying a home is the largest financial investment they’ll make in their lifetime.   Protecting this valuable asset is imperative, thus making it essential to safeguard yourself and your family against the risk of financial ruin.  A Homeowners insurance policy is crucial for a list of reasons including:

  • Protects your Home from Physical and Financial loss
  • Coverage for your Personal Belongings
  • Provides Personal Liability Protection
  • Affords Housing after a Covered Loss
  • Your Mortgage Lender Requires it

What does my Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Today, Homeowners policies are fully-customizable to meet the individual needs of the insured.   When choosing a Home insurance policy, knowing what is and isn’t covered is fundamental to choosing the right coverage for your home.  The following is list of common causes of loss found on most home insurance policies today:

  • Fire, Lighting or Explosion
  • Wind and Hail
  • Theft or Vandalism
  • Riot
  • Malicious Mischief
  • Falling Objects
  • Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet
  • Freezing Pipes or HVAC Units
  • Vehicles and Aircraft

What Coverage comes Standard on my Home Policy?

When shopping for a Home insurance policy, it’s also important to know the standard and optional coverage available to you.  Being knowledgeable about the different types of coverage can help safeguard you and your family against the risk of major financial loss.  Standard coverage include:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling Coverage :  This provides coverage for damage to the interior and/or exterior of your home resulting in a covered loss, up to the policy limit.  
  • Coverage B – Separate Structures :  This covers any additional structure that is not connected to the insured home.  This can include such things as a detached garage, shed, carport, fences.  The policy limit for this coverage is 10% of the dwelling coverage limit.  
  • Coverage C – Personal Property :  This coverage affords the homeowner protection for the personal items inside the home.  This can include clothing, furniture, TV’s, computers, furniture, appliances, money, and valuables.  A Home Inventory is recommended to determine the amount of coverage needed.  
  • Coverage D – Additional Living Expense :  In the event of a covered loss, this coverage pays for housing, food, property storage, and any other additional expenses arising out of the incident.  
  • Coverage E – Personal Liability : Provides coverage for guests that are injured on the property in the event that the homeowner is sued for damages.  The coverage will pay for a legal defense and settlement up to the policy limit.  As a general rule, it’s is considered necessary to obtain at least your assets worth of coverage, as not doing so could result in catastrophic financial loss.    
  • Coverage F – Medical Expense : This coverage is designed for guests of the homeowner in the event of injury.  The policy pays medical bills up to the policy limit regardless of legal liability.

There are many additional coverages available in order to meet each individual’s personalized needs.  If you’re interested in more comprehensive coverage, don’t forget to ask about Earthquake and Flood insurance.   Our extensive line of products and services can help fill in the gaps to keep you financially secure. 

Home Insurance

Buying a Home is the largest financial investment most people will make.  Adequately protecting this investment becomes paramount.  We can help you design a package that best suits the individual needs of each insured.  Providing a wide range of products and services allows us to assist you in finding the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive homeowners policy. 

Landlord Insurance

As a Landlord, it’s essential to have a policy specially designed for rental properties.  Our full line of products and services guarantees that we can find the right policy that suits each investment property’s unique needs.  Ask me how I can help. 

Condo Insurance

As a Condo owner, insuring your unit can be a little more complicated than most home insurance policies.  Condo and Townhouse policies provide coverage for owners who are looking to insure the interior, personal belongings and liability of each individual unit.  I’m happy to go over our easy to understand products and services that can help simplify the difficult task of finding the appropriate coverage.