Renter’s Insurance

I rent a home or apartment and I want to protect my belongings.  What can I do?

Whether you rent a house or apartment, renters insurance provides you the coverages you are looking for at a very affordable price.   Renters insurance offers you the ability to protect your: 

  • Personal Property
  • Liability Coverage 
  • Additional living expenses

Personal Property Coverage refers to coverage for your personal belongings like furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances and jewelry against covered losses like burglary and fire. A renters policy can even cover your items outside of your home, such as your car.   Even if you feel that the belongings in your home are not extremely valuable, having to replace them all at once after a fire or burglary could cost tens of thousands of dollars, most likely causing a financial hardship.  

Liability provides coverage for renters in the event that guests are injured on the property and the renter is found personally liable.  This coverage will pay for a legal defense and settlement up to the policy limit.  As a general rule, it is considered necessary to obtain at least your assets worth of coverage, as not doing so could result in catastrophic financial loss.

In the event of a covered loss, additional living expense coverage pays for housing, food, property storage, and any other additional expenses arising out of the incident.  

There are many other optional coverages available on a renters policy.  As we know, no two renters have identical insurance needs, as such, please ask me to provide you a personalized renters quote that meets your individual insurance needs.